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'THE MAGIC OF TONY LAFFAN' is one of Australia's premier stage illusionists presenting his incredible illusion show 'Spellbinding Sorcery'. He has just completed a four-year contract, performing 7 days a week, to international audiences as resident illusionist at Wonderland Sydney. Already an Australian success story and the countries' premier illusionist, he also has appeared abroad through Europe and Asia.

As well as being an accomplished illusionist, Tony is also a master in the art of Close-Up Magic and just as comfortable performing to small groups of people in intimate settings presenting his close-up skills. Close-Up Magic performed by Tony is totally amazing as he displays the age old art of conjuring, theatrical pick pocketing and skillful sleight of hand in a manner that always astonishes people who are a mere arms lengths away. His magic contains a wealth of interaction and humour leaving all types of audiences totally entertained.

This multi award winning magician's repertoire is an endless combination of various tricks including rope effects, sponge balls, vanishing and reappearing borrowed items of jewelry, stealing watches right off the wrists of the unwary, changing $20 notes into $100 notes. He can even produce your very own customized card trick involving the relevant company's name or slogan on request. What your eyes will see, your mind won't comprehend - especially at such close distances.

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