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In one of the most unique odysseys of modern times Tim Cope spent three years on horseback among nomads traversing the Eurasian steppe, accompanied by his dog Tigon. 

Following a tour of the national and international stages with his book and film, our veteran exclusive speaker of more than 13 years is available all over Australia for special events and keynote presentations.

 For the celebrated Australian Adventurer Of The Year, that was just the beginning. Tim went on to create the popular ABC TV series, and international award-winning book, On The Trail Of Genghis Khan (Australian bestseller). 

He has now been appointed international envoy for Mongolian tourism and selected by the Australian Museum as one of the greatest Australian explorers of all time (the museum is currently showing Tim's story as part of the Trailblazers exhibit). 

A masterful and deeply passionate storyteller, Tim has broken with the stereotype of conquest-focused adventure and become renowned as a champion of the rare human wisdom found in some of the world’s least known traditional cultures. 

Tim has become a recognised ambassador for the timeless values of discovery in a fast-changing modern world. 

Tim reframes discovery as something that can be experienced internally on the day to day level of the workplace.

His message of success and happiness through resilience, taking responsible risks, embracing cultural and individual differences, and developing relationships based on understanding and respect has found universal resonance. 

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