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Susan Mitchell is a master of language who has documented and celebrated the vital and dynamic role of women in the history of our society.

She has published eight successful books, notably Tall Poppies, whose title has become a term of everyday speech, and Icons, Saints and Divas. She is also author of Be Bold! Discover the Power of Praise, a stirring call for positive change in Australia's social attitudes. Splitting the World Open - Taller Poppies and Me, released in 2001, re-interviews 7 of the people Susan's original work and reflects on the ingredients of personal development.

Susan is a columnist for The Australian newspaper and a regular contributor to Vogue Australia. She has been Director of the Australia Council Literature Board, the South Australian Tourism Commission, and Director of the Board for Film Australia. Susan's uniquely entertaining and challenging views on Australian social and cultural life are an illuminating experience.

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