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Steph Tisdell is a proud Aboriginal woman. For most of her life she seemed geared towards a career in policy creation and Aboriginal advocacy, pursing the dream by studying Law and Journalism at UO. However, as she increased her knowledge base and began to reflect on her own identity, she realised that advising on policy won't work unless we can shift societal attitudes and empower Aboriginal people. 

Quite by accident, Steph fell into comedy; the platform is transformative and has the ability to turn the tide of public opinion in a way that leaves audiences feeling both empowered and happy to face the day. And so. with the passion and drive never dwindling. she seeks out opportunities to reveal truths and provide context that highlights the importance of a progressing society. 

Through her own stories of struggle and resilience, and honest, insightful views on her culture and her identity - and how often Australia's trepidation means that her identity is defined by others - she invites audiences to laugh along and learn the best ways to start "bridging the gap". Reconciliation doesn't start and finish in a policy manual, but with a shared knowledge and celebration of what it means to be Australian and why Aboriginality is a huge part of that banner. 

Steph is uplifting, funny and earnest in her approach to comedy. Through stories of her family history and musings of a future that Australia should embrace, she is a memorable speaker with a memorable message. 

As a corporate speaker, her youth, passion and spark set her aside from any group. As a professional stand-up comedian, her ability to entertain and engage audiences is seldom seen.

With an evergrowing fan base that spans Australia wide, Steph is a successful and in demand speaker and has performed at events for many high-profile organisations including: Brisbane City Council, DATSIP, Life Without Borders, AEMEE, BridglTWater Foundation, Melbourne Girls Grammar, Future Females, YARN and World Wellness Group. 

She approaches 'creativity,' entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship through a pragmatism that is so simple in its concept and yet so effective. Tisdell likens creativity and innovation to exercise and points out how we define our boundaries and why.

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