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Violinist, singer and songwriter Sophie Serafino is a pioneer in the music industry. Violinists are meant to have a certain sound, they're meant to look a certain way, and they most certainly stick to similar genre. Well, that's what we're used to.

Serafino is different. Her cutting edge, unique style is more of an electronic pop, with classical, break beat and funk influences. This style has taken her all over the world with notable 2006 performances in Amsterdam at the Supperclub, and London venues such as Tiger Tiger, Fridge Bar and Cottons. Sophie has just returned a short tour of London and Paris. Sophie ed 'Popera' singer Yves Baron in Paris performing at the famous 'Mandalaray', the SixSeven Club and the Music Hall with rave reviews for her daring performances, which include choreographed sequences and audience interaction. She has come a long way since her initial flirtation with new styles in 2001.

Sophie Serafino is a violinist, also a singer and songwriter, with a unique blend of pop music. The style evolved after years of experimentation with many musical genres, has been described as entirely unique. Sophie mixes world music and impressionistic sounds with funk, dance and classically inspired strings.

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