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To hear Simon Illingworth speak is to experience a unique insight into the increasingly frightening world of Melbourne's gangland killings and rampant police corruption. Simon is a thirty-six-year-old Detective Sergeant who's spent the last four years working with police internal affairs in Victoria, rooting out crooked officers. He has been commended for his work and been responsible for bringing successful prosecutions against corrupt officers. But Illingworth has been bashed, isolated and threatened - not by crooks but by other policeman. At great personal risk, he recently revealed his inside story in a very moving episode of "Australian Story".

His amazing life of true courage and "on the brink" experiences show how one person can make a difference - He has received a bravery award the Governor of Victoria, and explains how "courage" isn't limited to white-hot moments on the streets of Melbourne but should be regularly found in the boardroom and corporate workplace. Illingworth explains and challenges the corporate life and culture, but leaves you to decide how you can help make your corporation and Australia a better prospect in the long term.

Simon (Ethical Strength) has also kindly provided the Victoria Police with the intellectual material for their proposed Ethical Leadership Program as part of their new anti-corruption strategy. Illingworth teaches both new and seasoned Police his unique processes and tests, to ensure ethical decision making becomes part of the Policing culture.

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