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As a child, Russell Mark was a typical young boy who liked playing footy and cricket with the other kids in his area. He was raised on a country property in Ballarat Victoria, with his two older brothers. His father was a businessman and a firearm enthusiast and his mother a competitive golf player. I suppose you could say he got the best of both worlds. His mother's competitive nature and his father's love of business and firearms.

After graduating High School, Russell and his family moved to Melbourne where he pursued an education in business. He graduated RMIT in Business Studies, majoring in Land Valuations. With his education out of the way he was then able to focus on his sporting goals. He worked as a land valuer while dedicating himself to winning an Olympic Gold Medal. In 1996, all the hard work paid off and Russell won Olympic Gold!!! In 2000, he was close to repeating his efforts four years earlier, but was narrowly beaten for gold in a "sudden death" shoot-off.

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