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Roger La Salle is a passionate and engaging speaker who talks from the heart and thrives on helping you see exciting business opportunities materialise right before your eyes.

Having successfully built his career on developing and commercialising successful products, Roger loves to share his simple approach, one that has proven so effective over many years across many industries.

With his wealth of experience, his love of presenting and having a laugh with the audience, Roger will deliver you an amazing but simple process for thinking that will transform the way you run your business.

His material is now licensed in over 27 countries and is used in some of the world's largest organisations from airlines, to banks, manufacturing, FMCG, scientific bodies and some of the world's largest consultancies.

A stimulating, engaging and entertaining speaker, who walks and talks as he lays out the simple principles of thinking and business building - not a single overhead or PowerPoint for this fellow. You will be you spell bound as you see opportunities materialise before your very eyes as Roger speaks and draws on a white board.

Keynote Topics include:
- Innovate of Perish
- The Innovation Imperative
- Taking your business to the next level
- Services - Can these be Innovated
- Innovation - what is it and how do you do it
- Marketing - how to remove the single biggest risk in business
- What is an opportunity - how do you systematically search for one
- Moving your people from operators to opportunists
- Business trajectory - the future
- Getting your people involved in the journey
- Inspiration in Business - how you do it

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