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Rod Quantock is a stand-up comedian, speaker and writer.

Described as "a living Melbourne treasure" by The Age newspaper, he has also achieved great prominence with his involvement in political and environmental activism and social justice and as a speaker at many public and corporate events.

He is currently campaigning and performing for action on climate change. Rod says, "If climate change doesn't scare you, then you don't get the science." Fortunately Rod does, and when he gives you his take on the physics, chemistry, biology, geology, palaeontology, cosmology and meteorology of climate science you'll get it too. And then... you'll be scared. It's win-win.

Sounds like great fun doesn't? It's an edgy mix of panic and hysteria. But that's what you'd expect from someone whose comedy has been described as 'medicinal'. His irreverent style and clever humour have proven to be a great avenue to deliver powerful messages about the reality of climate change, water issues and possible outcomes.

His latest show, 'Bugger the polar bears, this is serious', is about climate change and sustainability.

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