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Robyn Lovell, the Renowned Educator and media commentator, is every parent's savior; she knows what make teenagers tick - their challenges, temptations, behavior patterns, peer pressures, concerns for the future, but also their great potential and extraordinary qualities which sometimes become disguised or unrecognized.

Breaking Free, her pioneering personal development courses for teenagers, have helped more than 10,000 Australian teens realize and reach their potential and importantly become better family and community contributors.

Robyn understands teenagers and what parents go through. She opens communication channels, builds self esteem and trust and breaks down obstacles to growth.

Her keynote presentations give an insight into how teenagers think and how to tap into their wavelength. She shows audiences how to talk so teenagers listen and how to listen so teenagers talk.

Speaking topics:

- Understanding Teenagers
- Free up teens by enforcing boundaries
- Teenagers - rein them in Grow them up
- Love them more by saying no
- Stop Shouting, I can't hear you - the secrets to communicating with kids
- Bully-proofing Parents

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