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Robert, who openly admits he didn't want to spend 10
years climbing the corporate ladder, has played a pivotal
part in shaping the website design and development industry in Australia.

His experience, knowledge and unquestionable passion for the internet have made Robert a highly respected authority on the topic. A valuable resource that's been tapped only through word of mouth, Robert's thoughts, predictions and strategies have contributed to the success of many major Web2.0 projects.

Opening a web design firm was not exactly the career path Robert's parents had envisaged. His father, hoping his son would follow in his footsteps, gave Robert (then aged 18) a non-negotiable ultimatum - "prove the Wiliam business model and profitability within six months, or head back to university to continue studying your BA, or else".

Wiliam has been able to achieve this purely through word of mouth, online marketing activities and market education, on just how important and effective internet strategies can be.

"In September 2000 there was an article in Internet World Magazine on the top 20 web design firms in Australia. Three years later, only two of those twenty remained, one of those being Wiliam," said Robert.

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