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From "Rubbish to Riches"

At just 21, Rob Sheahan's life inspires audiences and gets them to take action.

The youthful, spiky haired high octane presenter came a Melbourne housing commission estate, and began his working life at 15 as a 'midnight to dawn' rubbish collector at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.

By 19 he had run three businesses, was a fulltime entrepreneurial student and Australia's youngest local city councillor as well as a professional speaker.

By 20 Rob had a written his first book Be All You Can Be, had been featured on national television and was a mentor, coach and in-demand speaker captivating audiences hard high-flying Chicago realtors, to hard-bitten multi-national managers to under-motivated grave diggers, over-motivated young business 'guns', street kids, tough apprentices, 'seen it all' government ministers and students and investors with his no nonsense 'rubbish to riches' story and simple yet powerful message 'if I can do it' you can too, here's how"!

Rob Sheahan has a fast paced, direct, engaging delivery style, laced with good humour and great substance. Success for him is not just about financial achievements, but satisfaction in finding and following your passion, seeking out guides or mentors and embarking on a 7 Step formula to success.

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