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PETER KAYE'S MAN OF MANY FACES SHOW is a fast moving, high powered, dynamic extraviganza of entertainment with lots of hillarious characters and plenty of suprises. The show opens with the Special F X Dancers and a very exciting dance routine called "DANCE" this is followed by the introduction of


Peter then launches into a very funny opening monologue which leads into a look at the antics of some of the World's so called leaders. With the aid of brilliantly made face masks you will believe that standing before you is the FORMER RUSSIAN PRESIDENT BORIS YELTSIN telling why he was the worlds worst President. This is followed by FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON telling how he brought his country to its knees. We then see and hear ENGLAND'S VERY ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE CHARLES talk about his worst mistake and bursts into song about his marriage to Camilla while U.S. PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH Talks about SADDAM'S downfall and search for OSAMA BIN LADEN

Once again it's time to see The Special F X Dancers with a routine called "ALL THAT JAZZ" which leads us into a look at a nostalgic look at some of those great British T.V. shows that we all loved so much, such shows as "Till Death us do Part" starring one of Australia's favourite Pomes WARREN MITCHELL as the big headed bigot ALF GARNET. From GARNET to STEPTOE AND SON ALONG WITH MR. HUMPHRIES FROM ARE YOU BEING SERVED AND IRELANDS DAVE ALLEN.

The man of many faces also looks at some of those prominent American TV shows the past, starring such people as ALFRED HITCHCOCK and Peter Falk as LT COLUMBO introduced by the bumbling Cops of POLICE ACADEMY.

All are presented with the amazing latex masks in a visual feast of nostalgia before closing the first half of our show, with The Special FX Dancers this time with "DANCING FOOLS" a dance routine guaranteed to excite any audience.

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