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Ladies and Gentlemen, throw away your hand bags, and put on your high heel shoes, Big Boy Michael Jones is about to make you scream .......with laughter.

Michael grew up in Auckland, New Zealand trying to keep up with the Joneses!

From owning a little red bike, putting out the milk bottles, working centre stage as a trainer for BMW, where he discovered that he had a funny bone or two, to performing his very own comedy show "The Game of Two Half Wits".

Michael typifies that down under humour of 'taking the mickey out of ya mates' and during his high school years he got 14% in an exam. Mind you he has always been an over achiever.

Over the years he has developed a couple of hilarious characters, one being 'Nigel No Friends' and the other 'Senior Sargent Con Spiracy'. So which side of the law is he really on. The great thing about Michael's shows is there is a lot of audience participation, so be prepared to show a side of yourself that even the office photocopier hasn't seen.

To put it simply, Michael is a great entertainer who brings out the best in all of us.

Let Michael bring out the entertainer in you!

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