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In 2015, Kylie van der Veer began a quest to recover from her eating disorder, once and for all. 

She was facing the prospect of long-term health issues caused by over 20 years of anorexia and binge eating.

She had previously sought treatment but had never been able to let go of what had become a life-threatening coping mechanism. 

During her darkest days, she would look online to try to find practical advice and hope.

Unable to find anything suitable, and with her illness starting to take its toll, she felt compelled to find answers. She asked her partner if she could document her journey so that other sufferers and carers could find this vital information.

Without any real knowledge of the enormity of the battle that lay ahead, Kylie expected her recovery - and the concurrent documentary filming - to take one year. In hindsight, she now realises that recovery cannot be scheduled. It has taken nearly four years of therapy, treatments, psychology, expert advice and self-compassion to get well. 
Having access to the world’s leading voices in recovery gave her strength and positivity.

Kylie feels privileged to share her journey in the documentary film and through an online channel where all of her therapy sessions and interviews will be made available to help other sufferers, carers and families.
After enduring the hardest experience of her life, Kylie now feels a peace and joy she never thought was possible.

Kylie has been featured on Channel Seven’s Weekend Sunrise, and ABC’s You Can’t Ask That (Eating Disorders Episode) and Compass (A Peace of Nourishment).

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