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Klinton Hoare is a renowned motivational speaker in high demand for his insightful, humorous and realistic take on a range of topics directed towards developing people in every sphere of life.

Fast becoming known across corporate Australia for his 'lifestyle bits, personal development tips and health snippets' Klinton's passionate, contagious and motivating personality, alongside his fun interactive presentations, inspires audiences on how they too can become more productive, successful, and happier in their life, work and the balance between the two.

A specialist on staff productivity, life balance, personal & professional effectiveness, team enhancement, burnout and passion, Klinton's presentations have been described as informative, interactive and inspirational equipping audiences with the necessary tools to become a craftsperson of life.

Your choice of any of Klinton's presentations, workshops, product range or personal coaching relationships, guarantees your people with the application tools to build absolute principles into their framework of life. The underlining objective is not just to motivate and inspire life change but to have the audience internalise and sustain it.

For many companies, booking the services of Klinton Hoare has been the springboard to initiate and achieve behavioral and attitudinal changes through all levels of the organisation. The presentations and their content are fast becoming a catalyst for change of corporate culture across Australia.

All presentations encourage participants to take personal responsibility, empowering each individual to identify how they personally can make a difference within their own lives and hence increase your organisations over all performance.

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