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From his unique background in business consulting, ultra-endurance adventures and TV presenting Kevin delivers powerful, battle-tested tools and techniques that will make your team much more effective in setting and achieving their own outrageous challenges.

Kevin was a strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group when he decided he had to take control of his life. So he quit his job, sold his house, left his girlfriend and went back home to live with his mum(!).

He sat on the sofa, watched TV, ate fast food and put on weight. There he saw a news clip about one of the world’s toughest endurance races - rowing the 5000km Atlantic Ocean in a 7m plywood dinghy. He figures it’s probably not as hard as it looks. If only he knew how to row!

Yet, with Sir Edmund Hillary as patron, he set off on a desperate and thrilling race. In the end he not only won but smashed the previous record, completing the gruelling challenge in an astonishing 40 days and 5 hours at sea.

Kevin then took on a far greater challenge, the first unsupported trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole by New Zealanders. To put this in context, more than 5000 people have climbed Mt Everest, 500 have been into space, but fewer than 50 people had ever trekked from the 1200 km Antarctic coast to the South Pole. Kevin is now one of less than a handful of people who have ever rowed an ocean and trekked to a Pole.

If you recognise Kevin, it’s because you may have seen him as the co-host of TVNZ’s much loved  ‘First Crossings’ and then ‘Intrepid NZ’. In these series (winner of the TV Guide People’s Choice award) Kevin went to some of NZ’s most magnificent and inaccessible places to recreate the extraordinary adventures of early NZ pioneers.

Kevin is one of the most experienced and active motivational speakers in the market. This is due to the value that he brings and the lengths he goes to ensure his presentation is tailored to the requirements of his clients. As a former consultant Kevin presents frameworks not laundry lists; advice that is backed up by scientific evidence not generic soundbites. When it comes to performance what distinguishes Kevin is that he has walked the talk - he knows what works because he has used it and these are the techniques he shares with your staff and clients.

Kevin's presentation style is highly visual and engaging, delivered with humility and authenticity. Massively entertaining anecdotes are used to ensure the key messages are delivered unforgettably. Your team will be taken on a breath-taking ride on wave after wave of thrilling adventure through storms, sharks and a late night capsize. They’ll stare into the blue-black abyss of crevasses, experience tooth-cracking cold, battle through blizzards and skin-melting frostbite.

With their attention firmly held, Kevin shares powerful techniques to:
overcome doubts;
get and keep a winning attitude;
form high performing teams and;
increase persistence and mental toughness 

These lessons will embed themselves in your company's culture. Next time you're talking about how to break down a long challenge you’ll remember how he turned the roof of his tent in Antarctica into a giant map. When you're forming a team you’ll be talking about 'The Energy Rule' he used in the Atlantic. The next time you’re about to point your finger you’ll remember the ‘Three Bastards Rule’. And when times get difficult you’ll be talking about story of the Sea Anchor!

So if your team is facing a tough challenge, struggling with change, looking to lift their performance, need to feel empowered or have their attitude transformed, then book Kevin. His account of an absolute underdog taking on two of the world’s toughest adventures will have your team laughing out loud and pumped with inspiration while they learn the skills to make themselves much more effective in business and in life. 

Bring a ladder, you’ll be peeling them off the ceiling!

Kevin graduated from the University of Auckland with a degree in physics and psychology and a Master’s degree in Environment & Development from the University of Cambridge, UK.

His business career has included roles at the New Zealand Treasury in the International Economics Division, as a Strategy Consultant for The Boston Consulting Group, a Strategy Manager with Telecom NZ, and the CEO of a software start-up. Somewhere along the way he also worked as a truck driver in London, a giant chicken for an amusement park, a brick layer in Nepal and has also won the Toastmasters humorous speech competition for the Wellington region.

Kevin is the author of three books, the award-winning ‘The Oarsome Adventures of a Fat Boy Rower’, ‘Escape to the Pole’ and ‘First Crossings'

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