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Dr Ken Hudson (PhD Organisational Creativity) is regarded as one of Australia's most original and creative thought leaders - and is now internationally renowned as the inventor of speed thinking.

Dr Hudson is the author of three internationally published books, The Idea Generator (Allen & Unwin 2007), The Idea Accelerator (A&U 2008) and Speed Thinking (A&U 2010).

He is a seasoned speaker. His workshops and presentations are sought after by some of the world's biggest brands, including Nestle, Dell Computers, PayPal, Heinz, Intel, Citibank, NAB, The Benevolent Society and Qantas. His company, The Speed Thinking Zone, now helps employees, managers and business owners deliver faster and better results under time constraints.

Dr Hudson has more than 15 years experience in marketing, advertising and management consulting. He was marketing director at American Express before developing speed thinking from 2007. He has a PhD in Organisational Creativity, a MBA and a Bachelor of Business.

In his presentations, Dr Hudson uses PowerPoint (and a whiteboard for smaller groups) to explain concepts, and often encourages audience participation in easy, practical exercises that demonstrate the power of speed thinking. The length and focus of his presentations can be adapted to any event or audience, roughly ranging from 45mins to 1.5hrs.

At any of your events or conferences, Dr Hudson can speak about the following:

WORK-LIFE BALANCE. How to increase your productivity and results, all the while creating more time for yourself.

Researchers are increasingly reporting that business owners, manager and leaders are forced to generate more with smaller timeframes, smaller budgets and smaller teams. Most people admit they are exhausted just thinking about what they have to do! But doing more with less and less can be effortless, if you have the right tools.

In his presentation, Dr Hudson shows how we can break out of this cycle. Unlike time management - which focuses on organising time, planning schedules and prioritising - Dr Hudson has designed and tested a process designed to actually create more time.

Using his model of speed thinking, Dr Hudson demonstrates how to cut meetings down by 25%, reduce the time it takes to complete projects by 50%, and how to make those 15-min windows between projects incredibly productive with no effort. Dr Hudson also discusses how meetings - often identified as the most unproductive part of any day - can be easily reduced to 30-40 minutes He explains the benefits of stand-up meetings and walking meetings - and real-life case studies.

INNOVATION & CREATIVE THINKING: How to maximise innovation and generate creative ideas in a time-pressure environment.

Informed by his PhD in Organisational Creativity, Dr Hudson explains why there is very little innovation occurring in businesses at all, and why leaders and managers allow common roadblocks to creativity in the first place. With our modern education system built entirely on the left hemisphere of the brain, Dr Hudson demonstrates how to tap into the right hemisphere (creativity) through the use of "˜speed links'. This is practical and visual tool that enables anyone to develop an original, workable idea within eight minutes. Speed links begin with many ideas to enable thinkers to filter down to one great idea!

This is an energetic, exciting presentation for any business owner, manager or employee needing to generate original and workable ideas for business, product lines, branding, marketing, systems and processes, and human resources - or simply to make any brainstorming session more productive and effective.

TEAMS: How teams can create, solve, decide and collaborate in record time

Whether they are creative or analytical, teams normally tackle group work using a top-down approach. The result is that it's the most motivated, loudest or senior members that contribute. In this presentation, Dr Hudson shows how leaders, managers and team participants can get the most out of their teams. He explains and demonstrates a new model of accelerated thinking, which not only enables teams to generate ideas and solutions faster, it requires every member to effortlessly work at their fastest pace, rather than the whole group decelerating for the slowest or weakest member.

Dr Hudson's presentation outlines the obstacles to effective group work, and presents a different approach that effortlessly bypasses them. Audiences are given the opportunity to solve on real problems in record time - all the while feeling more energised (rather than exhausted!).

This talk is for any leader, manager, or those who work in team environments, who would like to generate faster and better results within their teams.


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