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John Glass has performed for a wide variety of audiences in a wide variety of roles. He has been an e-commerce consultant for the New Zealand Government’s Knowledge Wave Summit, an MC for the Magazine Publishing Awards, a Quizmaster for Sky City and led a 200 people chant up Queen Street for He was also a finalist in the 2000 Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition.

John’s speciality is Hoax Speaking in which he assumes the role of an expert giving a keynote address. The audience is taken on a journey from attending a serious professional presentation including slight boredom and even discomfort through to a gradual realisation that something is not quite right and on to obvious comedy. John is thoroughly briefed and reads as much as possible to understand the audience’s issues and culture to make the “serious” part of the presentation credible.

As an MC, John warms up the audience at the beginning of proceedings to set the fun tone of the evening. For this he draws on his many years of stand-up comedy and more recently audience warm-up work for TV3’s ‘The Panel’. John is well versed in the introduction of speakers, housekeeping notices, continuity and adlibbing where necessary.

John draws on a long history and experience in stand-up comedy having performed in most of this country’s Comedy Festivals as well as overseas and in television (including ‘Pulp Comedy’, ‘Street Legal’, ‘Xena’ and various commercials).

John is an experienced, energetic, versatile and extremely entertaining comedian.

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