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Do you know what sort of skills and attributes you need to be the Captain of a 747 jet? Do you know how these skills can be applied to improve the decision-making capbilities of your staff? Making decisions is one of the basic tasks of management, but it is also an area prone to problems.

Captain John Dennis, Captain of the latest Boeing 747-400 series aircraft and commander of international flights and flights Melbourne and Perth over Antartica, believes that the problem-solving, decision-making strategies and communication skills taught to commercial pilots can be transferred effectively into the corporate world.

In 1994, he began conducting his "Aircraft Command Decision Making" seminars to groups of executives around Australia. These interactive seminars give participants a brief rundown of the decision-making process used by aircraft captains. Participants are then given information such as fuel capacity, weather forecasts, flying times, etc. and then become "Captain" of their own aircraft.

Dealing with various situations (such as a cantankerous air-traffic controller in Bangkok) gives participants opportunity to see how the techniques employed in operating sophisticated high performance aircraft can be translated into management decisions and teamwork in the workplace. They are also encouraged to compare these techniques with the current management strategies of their own company.

John's seminars and presentations are in high demand by the corporate sector. Not only do they give an edge to decision-making skills, they are also a fascinating experience for anyone who travels by air.


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