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The Story of the Human Rhythms Drum Circle.

The time is 1.30pm, and 200 delegates are about to re-enter the auditorium for the post-lunch session of a 3 day seminar. Their expressionless faces start showing signs of life as they are met by rhythmic progressions coming out to greet them at the room's entrance.

As they enter to a musical reception the Human Rhythms team, enthusiasm engulfs them, as they realise that pen and paper have been replaced by drums at each of their workstations.

Rhythmic contributions start rolling in the delegates until everyone in the room is drawn into the cacophony of sounds. At this point, our facilitators guide everyone through a series of simple beats and exercises turning 200 individuals into one orchestrated group.

For the duration of the Human Rhythms presentation, the delegates become performers rather than spectators, and through our guidance, learn the importance of a team and its reliance on the individual.

At the conclusion of the circle, delegates leave the room smiling and joking with one another, feeling elated, uplifted and ready for success.

Let Human Rhythms excite and unite your team today.

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