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Graeme Bowman was put on this planet for two reasons:

- To stop people falling asleep during conferences and events

- To inspire people to think more creatively

How does Graeme stop people falling asleep?

As a Corporate Comedian, Master of Ceremonies and Hoax Speaker, Graeme has many years of experience at turning ho-hum into ha-ha at conferences, launches and awards presentations. An audience that is laughing is not sleeping:

- At an awards evening or gala dinner, nothing brings the audience together like a good laugh.

- Humour can help to launch a new product in a way that is quirky and memorable.

- Laughter gives conference audiences a mental breather, when it is interspersed throughout the business sessions.

- Humour can be used to address serious issues through interactive Devil's Advocate Characters.

- How does Graeme inspire people to think more creatively?

As a Lateral Thinking Trainer, accredited by the De Bono Institute, Graeme offers an entertaining keynote address that will motivate your people to challenge their current thinking style, then give them valuable tips on how to think more creatively, in order to kick-start the process of innovation. This keynote, 'How to Suck Great Ideas Out of Your Head', can also extend into a workshop.

Can Graeme mix and match these types of presentations?

Graeme's great advantage over other speakers, comedians and MCs lies in the versatility he brings to each event. For example, at a 2-3 day conference, he may appear at the welcome dinner as a hoax speaker, then next morning deliver his creativity keynote, and also MC the entire conference, sprinkling impressions, humorous songs and comic routines throughout.

Graeme can also combine his hoax and MC talents, to create a Hoax MC character - very popular at awards presentations. Or he can combine a hoax speech with a genuine creativity keynote - a truly unique conference presentation called "Uncork Your Creative Genie'.

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