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"People who need people are the luckiest people in the world, but it isn't always that easy. Some people don't know how to connect and relate with others in a sociable, intimate or caring manner. Others don't know how to protect themselves difficult, mean or nasty members of their tribe.

Social survival skills empower people to be friendly, connect and relate to others. They also help them deal with people who abuse their power. Social and emotional resilience are essential attributes to survive and thrive in today's society.

Evelyn M. Field is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society, a well known media psychologist, a regular on Today Tonight, Channel 7, best selling author , 'Bully Busting' and 'Bully Blocking' and a member of National Speakers Association of Australia for 17 years . She has spoken in New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, USA, Vietnam, Italy, Norway and Israel. She conducts keynotes and workshops around Australia. She is an international expert on dealing with school and workplace bullying.

Evelyn's simple six step social survival skills model empowers adolescents, adults and organizations. Her presentations are regarded as entertaining, ethical and educational. She uses a variety of techniques eg cases, stories, cartoons, magic, role-plays, to engage participants and help them develop social and emotional resilience.

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