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Eric Philips OAM is a professional adventurer specializing in expeditions to the polar regions. He has completed ground-breaking expeditions to the world's four largest icecaps - Antarctica, Greenland, the South Patagonian Icecap, Ellesmere Island - and is one of only two Australians to have skied to both the North and South Poles. Numerous documentary films have been produced Eric's expeditions, including the Emmy Award-winning Greenland film, Chasing the Midnight Sun, and he has written a book, Icetrek. The Bitter Journey to the South Pole. Eric's experiences, coupled with a background in teaching and musical performance, have seen him emerge as a notable raconteur and a compelling motivational speaker.

His stories of adventure and survival are steeped in honest and gritty realism and carry casual messages that underpin the structure and success of any team striving for quality results. He has presented talks and audio-visual shows worldwide and to audiences as diverse as company executives to kindergarten children.


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