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Dr John Smith: Best-selling author, columnist and commentator. Keynote speaker, Anthropologist, Bikie, Preacher, Businessman, Author, Advocate - these are all Dr. John Smith.

His messages on the challenges and contradictions of our times are as powerful as his Harley Davidson at full throttle. A personal friend of Bono from U2 (who dedicated a song to John on their recent Australian tour) and a man who has a passion for teaching, John challenges and empowers people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

He is as committed to transforming businesses as he is to helping youth and society's outcasts. John is a passionate story-teller, who has lived on the fringe and has written or co-authored five books ("Advance Australia Where" over 80,000 copies)

In 2002, he completed six years of doctoral studies in the United States, focussing on cross-cultural studies, including corporate culture, charismatic leadership and globalisation. He offers powerful historic, economic and ethical perspectives on modern business. His life has been extraordinary. He was gaoled and nearly executed in the Philippines for defending the rights of rural peasants and has been an advocate for the marginalised peoples of Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

As founder and Executive Director of five highly successful youth outreach organisations, Dr. John Smith has turned young lives around. As pioneer of the "˜Values for Life' schools seminars, John has spoken to students in more than four thousand Australian high schools. The "˜Handbrake Turn' training and rehabilitation program boasts a success rate of 85% in reducing youth offender recidivism.

John's message goes to the heart of those in business who are seeking not only sustainability and success, but also a great sense of direction in their working lives. His message is entertaining, engaging and relevant; he has spoken around the world at music and arts festivals, shared the stage with former President Jimmy Carter and addressed a full hearing of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

"Smithy" has appeared as a regular commentator on Australian television and radio, and as a guest on the BBC, including an appearance with General Schwarzkopf on the "˜David Frost Show'. He has appeared in feature length articles in leading newspapers throughout Europe and Australia. John was also a regular columnist for The Age. He is married to Glena Fay, and has two daughters, a son and seventeen grandchildren.

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