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"Being shot 14 times with a high powered rifle isn't something I asked for but I now believe it to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I now know that it's not what happens to us but how we deal with it that determines our future"

Derrick McManus is a Police Officer who was shot 14 times with a high powered rifle in the line of duty. He then returned to fully operational work despite all the dire predictions. Prior mental preparation was a vital part of both surviving the shooting and his eventual return to work. Derrick was 'Prepared To Win' and now talks to people about how they too can 'Prepare To Win'.

Derrick speaks to people about having been shot 14 times and lying, bleeding on the ground for three hours, being literally 30 seconds death and actually seeing "The White Light". Derrick relates exactly where his strengths came and how they helped him to survive. He helps people to reflect on their own life and realise the strength we all have inside. Derrick's story is an inspiring, poignant presentation, with a good measure of wit and comedy that makes people sit up and think about what they are doing right now, where they are going and the skills and strengths they have to help them get there.

If you want your people to gain more self awareness and self belief, to set goals and dreams or just overcome the adversities of life and work, Derrick can help you achieve what you want, for your people.

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