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Catherine Palin-Brinkworth is known for her wisdom and insight, her inspirational energy, her leadership experience, impact and influence - and she is booked repeatedly by her clients for the effect she has on their people.

Catherine brings warmth, energy and engagement to meetings, workshops, conference platforms and events. Leaders lift their sights, morale grows, and improving productivity gets easier, as Catherine brings her proven performance processes to life with stories, models and memorable messages. She is a real "shift worker" speaking from experience.

Her successful business background has given her plenty to share, while she guides people towards identifying their unique strengths and their inner power. She'll inspire you to lift your beliefs, expand your sense of the possible and help you create your own sustainable success drive.

Catherine lives her message of leadership and influence, developing businesses and managing change. Her ability to connect with people to bring about significant mindshifts and positive behavioural change has kept her in demand within Australia and internationally as a professional speaker for the last 2 decades. Most importantly, she models resilience, courage and creative thinking to inspire and encourage.

She has held roles as National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia, International President of the Global Speakers Federation, and Non-Executive Chairman of accounting firm Horwath in Brisbane - proving her own leadership capacity. She holds the highest international designation for professional speakers, less than 8% world-wide, Certified Speaking Professional. Catherine is primarily a behavioural scientist, with a Masters Degree in Applied Science (Social Ecology), Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Masters Certification in NLP.

Catherine's work is themed for each client and can be designed around requests from her current topics, which include

 Leading through Chaos!
 Building Trust - the essential tools for influence and impact
 Where are you Leading To? Getting Top Performance in Tough Times
 Conditions for Successful Change
 Make Your Business Bounce - From Flat to Flat-Out

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