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As a magician, one of Brad Manuel's specialties is "Perception" : What you perceive as Impossible, he makes Possible... Brad's keynote "Nothing Is Impossible" entertains and motivates by using his unique skillset to engage and motivate the audience and along the way he shares some speed bumps he has had to overcome personally to be where he is today.

Find out how at the age of seventeen an accident caused Brad to be blinded in one eye and almost lose his other eye, fortunately after resulting surgeries his other eye was saved. See how this life changing incident presented some challenges that he was forced to deal with and overcome, which in turn lead him towards his new career path.

Most recently he was diagnosed with a debilitating neuromuscular and autoimmune disease that limits his ability to use his hands. The impact of this condition was so significant that at one stage he could not even do up his own shirt buttons, or even put his hands in his pockets! Just imagine All the while achieving and maintaining the very top level in his career performing "sleight of hand" in over 20 countries all without the proper use of his fingers and hands... Now that is Magic!.

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