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Anton Guinea is a self made Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Peak Performance Coach and Motivator. All this, after he was down to his last $200 in the world, and couldn't pay his home loan!.

He has worked with individuals and organisations
(including Rio Tinto, BHP, Drake and Pepsico, amongst many others) to improve their performance and their results.

Anton is engaging. His energy levels are contagious.

At the age of 21, Anton (the Electrician) was involved in a near fatal workplace accident, where he received electric shock and serious second degree burns to 13% of his body.

His recovery was slow and painful, though the learnings and personal growth journey that he embarked on has been signifi cant. In the years since the accident, he has visited numerous other countries, and he has worked with, spoken to, and trained people around Australia and on international stages.

Anton is driven by a desire to be his best and help others to be their best. His accident was the "spark that changed his life". He changes mindset in all areas, from adopting "˜Successful Principles' to employing a "˜Safety Mindset'.

Anton is the Millionaire Tradie. People at all levels of the organisation relate to his story.

Anton is the author of four books, one of which is an International Best Seller. All of his books provide life lessons for improving performance and succeeding in any area. He has been published in numerous national magazines.

He holds Bachelor and Post Graduate qualifications from several of Australia's top universities (in the areas of Management, Human Resource Management and Engineering). His outstanding academic achievements have been recognised by the Golden Key International Honour Society and he is a member of the Safety Institute of Australia and the Institution of Engineers Australia.

Anton is an International Best Selling Author on wealth creation and successful principles.

Anton in a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and he is a qualified Time Line

Outside his work, and previously overweight, Anton is now an ultra marathon runner and Ironman Triathlete. His ability to get the best out of himself and others sets his apart. He walks his talk.

To ensure that he brings you only the most relevant information, Anton seeks out and interviews successful people, to determine their strategies for success.

Anton is an ultra marathon runner and Personal Trainer.

He lives in Gladstone, Queensland with Julie, his wife of 16 years, and their two boys.

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