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Return to the Garden of Eden

Imagine if the food choices you made affected global warming. Would you change what you ate? We'll I'm here to let you know that what you eat not only affects global warming, but economic policy, immigration corruption, animal cruelty, individual and overall world health and drug abuse to name just a few. And you thought eating was merely about filling your belly.

It is important that you know things about the food industry that will hopefully create change in what you eat. You see I have an altruistic goal, to stop food companies making food that not only affects global warming but are down right dangerous for you. Much of the food in the supermarket maybe edible but not necessarily good for you or the planet in fact much of the food on the supermarket shelf makes you sick.

I consider myself fortunate in that I was bought up in a family that was way ahead of their time. My grandfather was an organic corn farmer who refused to use chemicals in the late 1940's, he remained an organic farmer right up to his death in 1995. My Grandmother would pick all the produce from my Grandfathers 2 acre house garden to feed her hungry crew of 13, and any excess was preserved and used during the winter months.

My Father was a pharmacist in the 1950's and my Mother a nurse, they refused to give any of their children any form of medication. I'm 49 and have never taken any prescribed or over the counter drugs, including antibiotics. This philosophy that my parents and grandparents taught me I've carried on with my children and they are 20, 18 and 15 and they too have had no need for medications. When you consider that the average Australian will consume 46,000 prescribed and over the counter drugs in their life time, I believe that what I know may have some significance in helping people to understand the road to health. We have become a nation of unhealthy pill poppers and have forgotten that lifestyle changes are key to health.

It's no secret how to achieve wonderful health, it's actually just common sense, but we've lost our way and have been confounded by medical research, scientific discovery and bamboozled with jargon. This has lead to a community that no longer trusts the food from the Garden of Eden but rather the food from a chemical, industrial kitchen/laboratory with food labels that provide numbers and behind the numbers are a concoction of chemicals that can cause, cancer, obesity, neurological damage, hyperactivity, depression to name but a few.

It is no coincidence that since we have stopped eating from the Garden of Eden and started to eat margarine, flavours, artificial sweeteners, refined cereals, modified dairy and other man made and manipulated foods, that obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, allergies, autism and mental disorders has exponentially exploded in the population.

I have never been about deprivation, I believe that meat pies, hot chips, chocolate cake, coffee and alcohol are foods to savour and not avoid. But the meat pie must be made with ethical meat and real gravy, the pastry should only include the real ingredients of flour, butter, whole milk and sea salt rather then, bleached flour, hydrogenated vegetable oil, flavour, colour, refined salt and many other ingredients to create a food that never goes off. Once upon a time, foods were made with a few ingredients. These days some simple foods can contain 90 or so ingredients/chemicals, unfit for human health that have been produced unethically. Some foods contain the by products of coal production (baking powder), others contain the backfired result of drug discoveries (artificial sweetener). You will be amazed as to the underlying corruption that now stocks our supermarket shelves.

My hope is to not scare but to educate in order to empower you to make food choices that will not only change your health and energy but perhaps save the population and the planet from self destruction. 

The information in my talks and best selling book 'Changing Habits Changing Lives' is like taking the red pill in the movie 'The Matrix'. The red pill awakens you to the truth, if you don't take heed then it is like taking the blue pill, where you continue to live in ignorance and the consequences of this choice can be devastating.

Cyndi O'Meara

Nutritionist, Author and Speaker
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