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Patterns of Resilience


We need resilience more than ever...

With all the turmoil in the markets, the economy, the uncertainty of tomorrow, the rapid changes that are happening all around us, we need resilience more than ever.

There are new patterns of resilience as growing volatility surfaces. From natural disasters to political turmoil, economic crises to climate change. We are living in such uncertain times that disruption itself has become the new norm.

The ability of people, teams, communities & systems to maintain their core purpose and integrity through this unforseen turbulence is somewhat difficult. Yet many academics, scientists, economists, civic leaders, social innovators and people alike are asking the same basic questions; What causes one system to break down and another to Bounce Forward? How can we build greater shock absorbers for our communities, our economies and ourselves?

The answers to these questions are found in a new development in what I call 'The 6 Patterns of Resilience'. The six contributing patterns are:

1. Adaptation: The psychological embracing of change
2. Agility: Effectively and efficiently shifting from one position to the other
3. Ability: Preparation and confidence in adjusting to uncertainty
4. Anecdote: The answer always lies within the problem
5. Advance: Innovate & create to move forward and shift the negative cycle
6. ACTION: Take rapid action to achieve desired outcomes

One example of The 6 Patterns of Resilience is the Twitter Earthquake Detector (TED). In certain parts of USA there are more earthquakes than other regions, and a major issue for the US Geological Society was that the response team did not know the exact location when the quake first hit. So, they built a system that links social media to its disaster response team. When an earthquake is detected, the TED instantly scans for tweets about the severity of damage and location and maps it geographically.

This enables a faster and more targeted response.

In the right situations, all kinds of things use these resilience patterns to Bounce Forward. People & businesses, communities & institutions, economies & ecosystems; each is resilient in its own way. The place in which you live, the company at which you work, and even yourself, we all carry a certain level of resilience in our every day lives.
Learning and developing the BEST patterns of resilience and maximising the effectiveness of these in this changing world is imperative.

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