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Come across any icebergs lately?


Have you ever met someone who you took an instant dislike to?

Have you ever met someone who you took an instant dislike to?

Ever been let down by someone and thought 'I'll never trust them again'?

Ever heard some gossip about someone and then failed to check out if there's more to the story?

I have.
I guess there are lots of reasons why we do this. Sometimes it's simply down to gut instinct. And it's wise to be on our guard with some people.

However. I wonder if, like me, you're perhaps a little too quick to write people off? Could some people you encounter deserve a second chance?

You see, perhaps, like an iceberg, we're only seeing part of the picture. We're failing to appreciate or recognise what's going on beneath the surface of these people's lives.

Who knows the countless factors that are contributing to their current behaviour? Upbringing. Culture. Peer pressure. A lack of self-worth.
Dealing with a major disappointment. Fear. Health issues.
I'm not suggesting such factors should automatically excuse people's behaviour. But they may explain it.

Maybe a little more understanding on our part might help our relationships with others. And rather than writing people off, we might help to write them back in.

So next time you come across a difficult or challenging person...

Think iceberg.

It might just help.

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