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The right way to choose frontline leaders

Frontline leaders are vitally important to the success of any organisation, given that they supervise up to 80% of employees. Choosing the right ones needs to be based on science, not just gut instinct.

By: Karen Schmidt

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The 3 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

It is all too easy to be your toughest critic, your harshest judge and the fastest person to put yourself down. So here are 3 simple ways to avoid beating yourself up and eroding your self-esteem...

By: Keith Abraham

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Are you asking the right Question?

As we know, a good definition of Innovation is "Change that adds Value" and embracing this term opens the way to make innovation a relatively straight forward exercise, providing you are asking the right question.

By: Roger La Salle

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Investigating the Future - Lessons from the 'Scene of the Crime'

Futurists investigate clues and evidence to attempt to answer difficult questions, much like crime-scene investigators.

By: Charles Brass

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Creativity is Vital for Strategic Planning

Welcome to special edition of 'Weekly Bits'. As the year moves on and the global recession continues, I wanted to look at the strategic role creativity plays in driving business forward.

By: Nigel Collin

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Why we don't feel as bad as we thought

You ask someone to do something for you and they just say 'no'. Everybody gets rejection and we all get down. But then, after a while, a funny thing happens. We don't feel quite so bad.

By: Philip Hesketh

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Changing Times and the role of Creativity

‘For the times they are a changing’ - Bob Dylan Prophetic words really when you think of recent times. These words written by Bob Dylan in the 60s stand true in our current decade.

By: Nigel Collin Oct 08

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Harmony Matters

By: Ian Berry

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The Changing Market

By: John Stanley

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