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Yvonne Adele

Business, Business Development, Celebrity, Change Management, Closing Conference Speaker, Communication, Corporate Culture, Creativity & Innovation, Cultural Change, Facilitator, Female Perspective, Information Technology, Innovation, Master of Ceremonies, Opening Conference Speaker, Social Media, Teambuilding, Vision Planning, Web 2.0, Yvonne AdeleYvonne Adele has been described in client testimonials as inspiring, interactive, vibrant, thought-provoking, well-researched, experienced, memorable, flexible and friendly. Phew! She always finds new ways to add value for her clients, and never fails to entertain and inform her audiences. This makes her the perfect choice to coach in-house teams, address conferences, appear at exhibitions and MC events.

Yvonne helps organisations build an ideas culture by teaching people at all levels to access their untapped creative thinking skills.

She believes everyone has unlimited ability to think creatively about everyday challenges, and she is on a mission to show people how to unleash those hidden talents. She calls it a 'friendly poke in the eye'.

Having achieved the National Speakers Association highest international designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Yvonne motivates audiences from all walks of life to embrace creative thinking techniques. These techniques are used for business growth as well as personal development. Audiences range from ten person in-house teams to 1000 person conferences.

Yvonne's keynote address and half or full-day workshops teach simple, effective tools for idea generation. She literally has audiences popping with fresh ideas in no time! Everyone leaves with the resources, confidence and inclination to use creative thinking to solve any challenge in the future.

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